Purple Tea is the Best Natural Skin Solution

Purple Tea is the Best Natural Skin Solution

What is Purple Tea
Kenyan Purple Tea is a tea that is mostly produced in Kenya, and has earned the title of the "King of All Tea's". 

Unlike Green Tea, Purple Tea has very high levels of antioxidants, which means this tea not only is delicious but this tea also has natural healing capabilities. Special capabilities that make Purple Tea superior to the other mainstreamed tea's. 

Kenyan purple tea has the ability to improve your vision, lower cholesterol, and increase your metabolism, and because of the high levels of antioxidants. Kenyan purple tea has anti-canter properties that calm assist in an individuals fight against cancer. 

What Can Purple Tea Do For My Skin? 

"Dont stress you'll get wrinkles", "I can see the stress on your face", how many times have you heard someone say that?

Well, it's true, stress can cause skin damage which in due time will turn into wrinkles if not treated early enough. Our skin is our BIGGEST organ, and what we put into our bodies matter, but what we put onto our bodies matter too.

Kenyan Purple Tea, counteracts free radicals, which causes oxidative stress and eventually skin damage, but because of the high antioxidant levels within the tea.

Which, Ariemsfaith has created an oil that can REMOVE YOUR WRINKLES !!!

With our Kenyan Purple Tea Anti-Aging Serum, with only 3 drops placed onto the skin. You immediately feel the deep nourishment and healing capabilities that Purple Tea has to offer. Our oil is very light and has little to no smell at all.

Our Kenyan Purple Tea Anti-Aging Serum has no gender or age restriction. 


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