What Is Ariemsfaith?

Ariemesfaith is a reflection of determination and love.

My eldest daughter, for months, was experiencing sharp random pains all over her body. Come to find out it was fibromyalgia. We tried using what the doctor prescribed, but the side effects were too much. So I decided to heal her on my own.

Growing up in Haiti, my grandmother always told us there is healing in our food. I remember there was always some type of herb that she had that could heal any sickness. So I turned back to my roots, and after trial and error. Something finally worked!

I placed a small amount of oil on her area of pain and within seconds her pain was gone.

While in search of a solution that could help her pain. I created a line of holistic products that target certain skin and hair conditions, natural deodorizers, and a line of fragrance oils and soaps.

All inspired by family, the people I hold dear to my heart, and most importantly my children.

Thank You & Welcome to Ariemsfaith!

Rub the Pain

Rub the Pain is a natural Topical Pain Reliever that takes your pain away ALOMST INSTANTLY!
They call it "magic in a bottle" because of how fast and long lasting the pain relief is.

Place the oil onto your skin and simply RUB THE PAIN !!

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Black Avocado Soap

A few drops of our Black African Soap infused with Avocado, and Natural Oil's is all you need to remove your acne, blemishes, razor bumps, and old scars.

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Joyya's Beauty for Ashes

Raw African shea butter infused with natural holistic ingredient's that have the specific purpose to aid and remove eczema and psoriasis-like rashes.

No alcohol or water added, so that means NO BURNING SENSATION! When you use our Joyya's Beauty for Ashes Skin Cream.

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Hair oil with natural infused oils and chebe to promote hair growth and hair rejuvenation.

A few drops of continued use on the scalp is all you need to see and feel the difference in your hair.

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